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We all knowabout the dangers of smog and other air problems but we should be paying as much attention to what we're breathing inside our homes. Research has shown that indoor air pollution is linked to health problems such as chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma, headaches, nausea, fatigue, liver damage, harm to the immune, reproductive, nervous and cardiovascular system, and cancer
A recent California Air Resources Board study found that higher exposure to air pollutants can be expected to occur following the use of common cleaning products and air fresheners. The study also found that some chemicals present in household cleaning products react with ambient ozone, resulting in formation of other potentially hazardous compounds and particulate matter.

On a regular cleaning day in most homes the level of chemicals in the air can be in the hundreds, or even in the thousands of times higher than the air in the most polluted cities. Household cleaning products, pesticides, craft glues, solvents and even personal hygiene products may all contribute to indoor air pollution. Many household cleaning products also contain hidden cancer-causing ingredients.

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