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Lower costs on goods, both in the short and long term. Reduced use of goods and recycling provide an increased supply of goods as well as a decreased demand for said goods. Simple economic theory teaches us that this increased supply and/or decreased demand leads to lower costs for goods.
Purchase energy-efficient products for use in the office. Look for consumption ratings on products that make use of hydro and gas. Another positive sign that a product is energy efficient is the Energy
Star logo.

Don't print/photocopy unless absolutely necessary. I've seen many people print non-necessary documents, web pages, and even personal pictures on the office printer and distribute them to friends
and colleagues.
A good rule of thumb when it pertains to paperwork is,

"if you don't need a permanent record of it, don't print it."


  Turn off all electrical devices and adjust the thermostat to match theoutside conditions when no one is in the office. If you don't want to adjust your thermostat manually, consider investing in an electronic programmable thermostat. These thermostats can be programmed within 10-15 minutes of installation and very rarely need to be
  Choose environmentally responsible companies for your commercial needs.
Transmit mass-consumption documents electronically where and when possible. Besides being far less expensive to do so than to mail out said documents, paper use is also minimized.
Consider features for your fax line such as Call Screen and Privacy Guard. Most phone companies offer features for any phone line
that will allow the owner of the line to filter out and eliminate needless and unnecessary calls.

Lower energy/utility bills. By using energy-efficient appliances and renewable sources of energy (e.g. solar), consumption of energy resources decreases and, in turn, utility costs decrease.
Increased productivity. A cleaner office environment will keep employees happier and consequentially more productive.
Government rebates and incentives. Depending on where you live, there may be municipal, provincial/state-wide, or federal incentives
designed to reward environmental responsibility.
  Natural Resources Canada offers an ongoing series of rebates and incentives for both homeowners and businesses.
Another site worth checking out if you're interested in rebates and incentives is

Going Green

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