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Here are some things you can do at home to help save the environment and also save money!

- Check all caulking and weather stripping and replace when needed

- Turn down the thermostat by 2 degrees and by 5 overnight. Grab an afghan or shawl if you feel cool in the evening

- Run dishwasher only when full and on the energy saver cycle.

- Wash clothes in cold water rather than warm or hot water and only do full loads.

- Hang clothing to dry outside on a clothing line or clothing rack.

- Recycle garbage by sorting cardboard, plastics, glass and newspapers and drop them off at recycling bins.

- Replace old appliances to energy star appliances.

- Insulate your water heater or replace with a new tankless water heater.

- Replace 40, 60 and 100 watt light bulbs with LED light bulbs

- Clean the refrigerator's coils and defrost regularly.

- Use baking soda in the bathroom to clean sinks, counters and bathtubs. Use borax or vinegar to clean mold spots.

- Bicycle when possible instead of driving to work.

- Cook basic meals instead of microwaving prepackaged foods.

- Add extra insulation in your attic to retain heat in the winter.

- Changing your showerhead to a water efficient showerhead. It could save as much a 14% per person per year. Also limit the time in the shower.

- Have your plumber check your plumbing for any leaks and see if there are any improvements you can make.

- Wash your car using a bucket instead of with the hose.

- Use soaker hoses to water your gardens and lawns.

- Check your water meter with all the water turned off to make sure no dials are moving.

- Plant local plants in your garden to lessen having to water as much. Water your lawn only once a week.

- Keep a bowl in the sink for rinsing and reuse water in the garden.

- Compost food waste.

- Collect some of water while waiting for the shower water to heat to use for watering plants or out in the garden.

- Use a toaster oven rather than the electric oven with cooking small items.

- Use a hand blender over a food processor or mixer whenever possible.

- Don't open the fridge or freezer door to decide what you feel like eating.

- Keep a lid on pots when boiling and simmering.

- Thaw food completely to save on cooking time

- Don't overstuff the freezer as it affects the efficiency

- Use fans instead of air conditioning

- Open blinds or shades instead of turning on lights during the day

- Clean out closets and donate or trash what you don't need.

- Shop at consignment stores to recycle

- Take old cell phones and laptops to a recycling depot

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